Word of the Day “Veteran”

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“America’s veterans have served their country with the belief that democracy and freedom are ideals to be upheld around the world.”
– John Doolittle




I have updated my National Holiday Word of the Day cards. I felt like they had too much color for printing. You can compare my newest card to the Veterans Day card I posted last Sunday. The 10 official national holidays each have a card. I will being making an additional card for Inauguration Day. I will post it sometime soon.

Included in this set are additional vocabulary cards. For example, for Veterans Day I have a card that defines “veteran”. For Memorial Day I have a card that defines “memorial”. For Dr. King’s birthday the card defines “civil rights”. Altogether there are 22 Word of the Day cards, 4 worksheets for learning the meanings, and a vocabulary list.


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  1. I pinned this to my Thank a Veteran board. Thanks! Carolyn

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