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First, let me say I know it is still summer! I still have a fun, family vacation ahead of me to look forward to. I read a blog recently about having a summer bucket list.  You can read it here. I’ve done number 2 and 4. And I am mulling number 7 over in my head. I need to do number 8 – last year was a tough one. Also number 10 is becoming a reality – I can not do all the things I wanted to do.

I am looking forward to next year. Things are going to be drastically different for me. For the first time in 37 years I will not be teaching math or science. I will only be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies. I am having fun preparing myself for this. I am reading all of next year’s Texas Bluebonnet Books and trying to figure out how I will share them with twice as many kids. I am creating independent spelling/word study units. I am thinking I might have a Daily 5 of my own (or Daily 4). I want to plan out all of my grammar/writing skills with mini-lessons and independent work.

I have been working hard this summer. I have already posted 45 new products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Mostly they are new Explore the State and Spelling Units. But I  have also made some Back to School products. And since it is July and only the crazy truly dedicated teachers are looking, I am making these free for the first 48 hours or 100 downloads. I especially love the product I made today!

Data Collection and Graphs


This Back to School Getting to Know You packet has 28 different questions for data collection. The questions are on ¼ of a page, so that the teacher only needs to use up to 7 sheets of paper for this part of the activity. A blank sheet is also included for your own ideas.

Each student gets a different question on which to collect data. The students will write tally marks directly on their sheet. Some of the questions, for example, ones on reading, math, science, and students’ preferences on school activities will be helpful in understanding your class.

As I said this product will be free until its been there 48 hours (45 now) or 100 downloads. I am hoping for 100 downloads! Please leave me some feedback! Hope you like it.


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