Summer Fun Corners Activity

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Summer Fun Corners Activity


We will be using this activity for a prewriting discussion.

The students will pick a corner and share fun things they have done or would like to do. After a few minutes (when everyone at the corner has had a chance to talk) the students will pick a new corner and talk again.

We will then create a “seeds” section in our writing journals entitled “Activities/Adventures” and create a list of ways to have fun, etc.

This could also be used as a social studies activity. Students could be asked to brainstorm places in their community, their state, their country, or in the world.


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Summer Fun Corners Activity

Summer Fun Corners Activity

Here is a link to the PDF, however, if you’d like me to change the activity to include your state, here’s what to do:

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4. Post a comment below with your email telling me the state you would like to have. I will email it to you ASAP.



  1. Nebraska 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. Alaska! You’re an inspiration, Ann.
    The -aska states win!

  3. lol@ aska states! Never even noticed that in the 46 years I have been on the earth!!!! Feeling inattentive to details!! LOL

  4. Since I have 25 students, I made another category: imaginary summer fun. (6 or 7 in a corner is more like a mob scene!) I’ll put them in the middle of course. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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