Selling Spelling: Dance Your Spelling Words

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There’s more to learning to spell than passing a spelling test. There are lots of ways to get students to go from guessing to knowing what to write down on a test, and applying that spelling when writing sentences and paragraphs. I want to explore many of those strategies here each Friday.

Selling Spelling


Dance Your Spelling Words

Dance Your Spelling Words Freebie!


Involve the whole child in spelling practice! Students spell out their spelling words while stepping on each letter. Be sure the letters are secure to the floor. I think I will duct tape them to the floor and then duct tape around and between the letters. I will place them in a lower traffic area of our classroom.


Students just tap each letter with their toe.

Students must use the correct foot (the one shown on the card) for each letter.

Students do an extra hop or other movement between letters.


Place the letter cards on the floor in random order.

These cards are available as a special freebie. They are also a part of a larger product. The larger product includes the footprint cards in colors. It also include handprint cards (in color and b/w) that can be placed on a desk, table, wall, bulletin board, whiteboard, or even the floor. In addition to that are piano keyboards and individual hand cards which could be used whole class.

Spelling dance

Individual keyboards could be kept in students’ folders for individual or whole class use.



The individual handprint sheet would be great to send home to practice spelling words. It could be a more active choice on a spelling homework choice board.



My first Selling Spelling Tip boils down to let them get up and move to spell their words! Do you have any fun ways to do this?


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