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Tell us about:
1. a random fact about your SCHOOL.
2. a SPORT or hobby you enjoy watching, playing, or that involve your children.
3. something that makes you SMILE.
1. My school is a PK – 4 elementary north of Texas. We are located in a wealthy suburb, but we are a poor Title 1 school. We have a very large Hispanic population. I wish I were learning more Spanish. We had the front renovated about three years ago to make the building safer. I never imagined that I would feel that the money spent was worthwhile, but now I do.
2. Are you ready for some football? I have loved football since I watched a game with my granddaddy when I was 17. He seemed like a wizard to me, he could predict plays for many of the the positions. Turns out he was one of the original professional football players in Canton, Ohio back in 1920 when the NFL began. He and his brother played for $5.00 a game. When my dad and his brothers were in high school, Vince Lombardi would drop by their practices to give them advice.
One of my uncles did the stained-glass windows in the dome of the Football Hall of Fame.
Pro Football Hall Of Fame
I am a big Browns fan – used to the abuse- and now that I live in Texas, a big Texans fan.
3. Every morning lately, my cat, Molly, throws herself on my feet, so that I don’t forget to pet her good-bye!

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