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Scavenger hunts are a fun way to teach, practice, or review information. I have been using a few scavenger hunts from Super Teacher for several years. This spring we wanted a fun way to review science terms and grasslands, so I made a Grasslands scavenger hunt. All the third graders at our school used it and enjoyed doing it. That was a couple of weeks before Earth Day and I thought I’d try an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt, it might be popular. What I really enjoyed was learning new things about Earth Day myself. I sold 88 copies before Earth Day. I was so excited. Next, unit was plants. That scavenger hunt has sold over 100!

Finding the answers

Before I knew it I had scavenger hunts sitting all over the room. And even I, who made them, was having difficulty remembering which set was which. So I spent a weekend making reduced covers for each of my over 20 (at the time) products.

Solar Systen Scavenger Hunt with new cover


Another issue was students who were absent on the day we did the scavenger hunt. I usually gave them the set in order to keep at their seat until done, but this caused several problems. They would spread them all over their desk and no longer have them in order, they would lose them on the floor, etc. So I tried this:

Solar System Scavenger Hunt on book ring


I am not sure if I will continue putting them onto rings. I do like it, but the rings are hard to open and close. I am also worried the holes could get torn. It remains to be seem.

Well, I now am approaching 40 scavenger hunts. I need a way to organize them. So I have created a set of subject dividers, recording sheets, and a binder cover for my products. It will make things much easier to keep track of next year.

Scavenger Hunt binder with subject dividers and recording sheets


I have several ideas for storing cards inside the binder.

Rubber band and binder clip


Book ring in binder


Really, though, I don’t think keeping them all in the binder will work. So I have them in a box.

Storing scavenger hunts


Today I invested in a larger box at Office Depot!

Storing scavenger hunts


This box will probably hold about 50 sets. I have them in ABC order, which just happens to be the first one you see.

I am currently working on a Penguin Scavenger Hunt in honor of my new blog design! I am excited, once again, to be learning cool new information myself. Did you know 1 in every 100 penguins is born with brown feathers?

I will be offering my Scavenger Hunt Organizational Binder Set for free to anyone who purchases 5 scavenger hunts! Watch for it!



  1. This looks like a great way to store many of the centers and activities I’ve been accumulating (many, many!). Thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks, I am thinking of making one for my scoot and i Have Who Has games also.

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