Saturday Extra Word Study

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“Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life.” —Edward Roscoe Murrow

In my classroom we have a Word Study notebook. It includes sections for a personal dictionary, our Word Wall words, and for Working with Words.

The personal dictionary section has 26 pages. The kids write in words that they have needed in their own work. For example, if a child asks for a word to be added to the word bank (on the whiteboard) during writing, they copy the word into their personal dictionary for when they need it again. A child can consult their personal dictionary throughout the year and have needed words available to them. They can also inquire of classmates about words in their dictionaries that might be of help.

The Word Wall section contains 24 pages. It is used for weekly Word Wall activities. Favorites cheers and chants might be included. The students may be asked to make a word pyramid by writing the first letter, then the first two letters, then the first three letters, etc. For example,




They could also make words disappear by doing the same activity in reverse. The students also may put the word wall words in alphabetical order, sort them into categories, and write analogies.

In the Working with Words section, the students collect lists of various types of words, including antonyms, synonyms, homophones, homographs, compound words, contractions, and abbreviations. I give them a header for each type of word that includes an easy definition and an example.

Here are a few of the headers:

I will make these available as PDF files throughout the week! Watch for them.

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See you Monday!


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