Saturday Extra: Good Citizen Foldable

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I hope everyone who is back to school is enjoying a great start. I know I am with my 18 third graders. We’ve learned a lot about each other this week. I am anxious to do some beginning of year testing to better understand each child’s needs (but not before I enjoy my long weekend, of course).

I am enjoying my long weekend by creating for my classroom and for my Teachers Pay Teachers store! This is what I truly love to do.

We have been asked to begin using a social studies interactive notebook this year.  So I will be creating several types of foldables throughout the year, that I will then share!

Today I made a social studies foldable for us to use in our classroom next week. We will be studying some vocabulary words that describe a good citizen: respectful, responsible, fair, honest, caring, informed, determined, etc. We use words from both a “Be a Good Citizen” lesson in our reading text and pages in our social studies text.

On the foldable the students will write a complete sentence on the back of each flap, then draw a picture of themself performing the act they described under the flap.

We are also making another foldable for defining and illustrating the terms.

Good Citizen Foldable

Good Citizen Foldable

Here are directions for creating the second foldable.

Directions for 4-page book foldable

I have several products you might be interested in for social studies incluing ones on government and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Enjoy your holiday! Have a great week!


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