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I was all set to post my penguin classroom pictures when I discovered that I did a really bad job using my new phone as a camera. I will try again tomorrow. They are much too blurry to view.

Sometimes I think kids have a blurry understanding of what we are trying to teach them. They may know how to make reassuring responses and smile knowingly but still not understand. Working one-on-one with each of my kids today, I was surprised by many struggles. Students that I felt were on track are much more derailed than I’d anticipated.

Also I see this blurriness when we are teaching routines and procedures. I have to believe that 99% of them want to do what we ask. They just aren’t getting it the first time. Or they are getting a different message than we are sending. We need to step back and try for some new words without sounding annoyed or condescending. I teach babies (they are only 8 or 9) after all!

Have a good evening. Don’t hold your breath while I work through all of my glitches! But I do want to show off my penguins.


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  1. I teach 11 and 12 year olds. Same deal. 🙂

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