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Speaking of vocabulary… my niece’s last name is Angelone, very Italian pronunciation, but if you break it down, it says Angel One. She posted an ultrasound picture yesterday of Baby Angelone and Baby Angeltwo. I love how she shared, and I am so amazed by twins! We have none in our family anywhere. And I love clever use of our language!

Well, no penguin pictures today. My almost 12 hours in my classroom today did not give me enough time to figure out better pictures. I promise it is coming. I have such a cool quote to go with it.

Here’s the last card for Set 2 of the Word of the Day cards. That means if you go through my blog you can get all of Set 1 and Set 2 for free! I hope you do that, but if you want more there are many more available at my TpT store.

Set 2 # 15

Have a great weekend!


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