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Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad is hosting a linky party of favorite freebies. You can find many wonderful choices here:

Here is mine:

This is the favorite freebie that I have created. I especially like it because it was a total brainstorm. I was writing a blog about using context clues to build vocabulary. I was researching some published experts, when “BAM” my brain thought—that’s like diamonds and coal. A sentence, especially a non-fiction sentence, may have words within it to help us better understand its meaning, but if we don’t know how to find those “diamonds,” then the words are just “coal.” The freebie includes a list of strategies to help students be better readers by identifying “diamonds.”

 It also lists suggestions of what to try when you only find “coal.”

I have continued working on this freebie. I have added some extra pages about developing these strategies. I will be reposting at some point, but for now, I think it’s already a complete, kid-friendly support system.



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  1. Thanks for linking up to my linky party! I love your idea. I LOVE when I have those “BAM” moments!

    2nd Grade Pad

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