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Learning Cursive will include more than 60 videos. These videos will be available by September 1, if not sooner. Your purchase today will provide you with all of the pages (70+), then I will update this with an access link to each video.

Here is a sample video. It is of an initial lesson. It will be followed by a lesson on making connections. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdUVimhOKLI


Sample pages for 2nd and 3rd grades

Because the videos are not yet available, I am giving you a large price break at this time! Buy now and save! Depending on the final number of videos I am thinking this product should be $60 – $70. Right now until I upload the links, it is available for about 1/3 of that!

Each Learning Cursive packet teaches all of the cursive letters and making connections to the letter following. Cursive writing is an important skill for students but teachers often do not have the time to incorporate lessons into the classroom. Some teachers also feel that they themselves do not have sufficient cursive skills to be an effective instructor of this skill. Video lessons can save teaching time, model proper writing skills, allow for small group or individual lessons, allow students to work at their own pace, and may even help teachers improve their own cursive skills.

Letters are learned in a logical sequence, but not alphabetically. Letters with similar strokes are learned then reviewed together.

Letter order:


i, t, e, l, u, w

a, d, o, g, c, q

j, b, h, k, f

n, m, y

r, s, p

v, x, y (This group could be included with n, m, and y, but I chose to save them for last so that other more used letters could be practiced first.)

Special lessons for making connections with o, w, b, and v are also included.


A, O, Q

N, M, H, K

B, P, R

F, T

D, L

I, J

S, G

U, Y, W, V, X, Z

Additionally the videos include information on pencil grip, slant, size, shape, and spacing. Students are given and shown Dos and DON’Ts for each letter. Lessons review previously learned letters. Lessons ask students to reflect on their work. They are encouraged to find their best letter and to try to improve a less well done letter. Students will practice reading cursive, while learning to write it. The cursive used in this product is my own personal handwriting. I am a teacher with 38 years experience teaching cursive. I have successfully instructed close to 1,000 students in learning to write. It has always been one of the most fun parts of third grade for the students. I hope to continue this tradition without the burden of “not enough time to do a good job” on the teachers.

Darcy Baldwin of Darcy Baldwin Fonts helped me immensely by creating and then continually tweaking my font. She was a pleasure to work with. If you need fonts, please visit her store!


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