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Things are about to launch! I have a team-leader meeting in 90 minutes. It is hard to believe I am going to be back into the school routine soon. I love this time of the year. I still have time to act on the fun ideas that are popping into my head. I can make something cute and/or clever for my classroom. I anticipate my new group and begin writing their names over and over. I see my friends and catch up on their lives. (Well, anyway, whatever hasn’t been posted on Facebook.)

Your students are getting launched into a new year, too. How do you help them get ready? What is the needed vocabulary for the first day? How will they know who you are and that you care about who they are? Here is an activity for the first day. It gives the students a chance to write about their thoughts. You should also give them plenty of time to talk about their thoughts with their classmates and with you.

Another launch is happening, too! TpT and I are having a Back to School Sale! It is Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. Hello, dear. I am enjoying your blog. I am intrigued by “always, sometimes, never.” Did I miss the directions?

    • Wow, sorry! I am just back from my trip and had an 8:30 meeting this morning!
      It is a version of a Thinking Map “Tree Map”. Students would write things they believe are always true about school, never true about school, or sometimes true about school. Or they could write things that always, never, or sometimes happen at school. They could write about what they do at school or even what they’ve learned about at school.
      I hope this helps.

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