“October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter.” –   Nova Bair

School gets into a routine by October. Students know expectations and settle into real learning time. Now is a time to bring in some real vocabulary lessons. Never be afraid to use the real term with children. I still rankle about the made up “long neck” dinosaurs that were a popular movie series when my kids were young. Children don’t need to be talked down to. They need to be invited into the real words with real conversation. My children don’t “plus” numbers, they do addition. They don’t “take away”, they subtract. Children need the real terms to become part of their vocabulary. If they are to be successful in school and beyond, we cannot limit their language.

As a very personal aside – I limit my language. I have never used nor plan to use 4-letter words in the hearing of children (or adults). I don’t think there is any real place for this language and wish that babies, who aren’t exposed to all the academic language they need, weren’t instead exposed to verbal garbage. (Yes, I am a fuddy- duddy, and proud to be one.)


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