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I am working on a new (but very similar) vocabulary product. I am using Marzano’s 30-word core-content vocabulary. Robert Marzano suggests that since it takes our struggling learners 40+ exposures to a new word for them to own it, we should teach 30 core words in each subject area. I am taking those 30 words and making cards similar to my Word of the Day cards. These will be available in two 15-word sets per content area (science, social studies, language arts, and math). I am planning to do them for grades 2–5. Here’s where I need help. Would you rather have these cards in black and white or with color?

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

Would you be interested in this product? Which would you rather print? Please let me know!

BTS 12 250x125

Sale starts tomorrow! Don’t miss it! (I am having a bonus day on Tuesday!)



  1. I love choice one – the splash of color is vivid, the black and white is easy on printer ink as well as bold to the eye. I just love your vocab cards and can’t wait to use them with my kids!

    • Thanks for your opinion. I know that ink is so expensive! I’m not sure I’d want to print all of my own things in color! I was thinking perhaps I could market them both ways. Thanks again.

  2. Due to the expense of ink, I’d go with black and white also. But if you used the colored ones on the Smartboard, that would be awesome as well!

    • Thanks, I hadn’t thought of the Smartboard possibility!

  3. I prefer black and white because of the ink… but that colour on the smartboard idea is great! Can you have both options available. I’ll buy it!

    • I will add both options to my tpt store today or tomorrow. It will be listed as 30 Core Content Vocabulary Words Science Grade 3 Set 1 (b/w or color). THanks so much!

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