Halloween Costume Fun

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Here are 2 Halloween Fun pages for your kids to enjoy! The first activity helps students build vocabulary. After a predetermined amount of work time, students could share to help each other fill in ideas for difficult letters, or just share fun words they brainstormed. Students could share the letter for which they found the most words. A master list of all the brainstormed costume ideas could be created.

The second activity can be expanded by having students sort the word list in some fashion, human-nonhuman, real-imaginary, etc. An “At First Glance” activity would be fun. Students draw themselves on the back of the paper wearing the costume they noticed first when glancing at the letter grid. An easiest to find (or hardest to find) graph could be created to show which word most kids found first (or last), conclusions could be drawn about placement on the grid.

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Halloween Costume Fun

Happy Haunting!


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