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I am busy today creating folders for when my students are absent. I was pushed to do this because I had students absent in both of my classes on Friday. Since I never had 2 classes to keep track of before, I had not thought of a plan for this. My plan is to use the  2 pocket folders that are so cheap this time of year, but I don’t have any at home right now, so I have used file folders. File folders could work, but with younger children I think the pockets would be better. I don’t know if  I will be able to laminate a pocket folder. Can anyone let me know if that is possible?

Make Up Work 002

A problem I have often had is that third graders don’t really feel like they need to do the missing work. So I made a chart letting them know which day the work will all need to be done. In my district if a child misses one day they are given one day to make it up. I look at it this way. If Susie is absent on Monday, that means she returns on Tuesday and I give her the work. In order to have a whole day to get it done, I don’t ask for it to be returned until Thursday. Thus a Tuesday absence will require work returned on Friday. I expect both Wednesday and Thursday absences to have work completed by Monday. Friday work is due by Wednesday. Would you add anything to this chart?

Make Up Work 003

I made a page that reflects all of the activities that may be missed in my classroom on a given day. I have also made others with more generic lists. What would you like to see on a list?

Make Up Work 004

I like the looks of my folders. I am anxious to try one out on a pocket folder. Would you like to use something like this? You can get it for free this weekend by leaving me any advice or suggestions here on my blog! Remember to include your email address!



  1. That looks great, Ann. I would choose a folder of all the same color. I ask the students’ neighbor to “go get an absent folder” and put it on his or her desk. (I used the manila style ones, don’t know about laminating a pocket folder.) Guess what, 5th and 6th graders don’t think they have to complete work either! I think your chart with the day checked off will really help….unless they are absent multiple days in a row.

    My problem last year was all the switching classes. I liked leaving it on the child’s desk because then the neighbor could put in necessary papers, but it was hard to leave it there because someone else came in to use the desk. Where do you leave the folder?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I plan to wait to check the day due until the student returns. I will talk to them at that time and we’ll check the box together. I am still figuring out the switch class thing. I’ll talk with my teaching partner and see what we can come up with. Please email me for a free copy!

  2. Yes you can laminate a pocket folder. Laminate it open and then use an exact-o knife to CAREFULLY cut the slit.

    • Thank you for answering my question. I am excited to try this. Please contact me for a free copy!

  3. Love this! I think I would add a section for “Don’t Forget” where helpful hints could be written or possible a students name they could seek for help. In reference to Emily’s post on who to give it to….maybe a student aide or ambassador of sorts that carries the folder to the other classes and places the missing work from other classes. Just a thought.

    • I love the idea of a “Don’t Forget” section. I am thinking about how to add it. Please contact me for a free copy!
      Thank you so much for your response.

    • Thanks, Nanette. Good idea.

  4. Yes you can laminate the folder. You laminate it open and then slit the pocket where the lamination is. I think this is a great idea. Parents dint think it needs to be made up either. It would also help me remember why an assignment might be missing.

    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try it! I have sent you a free copy!

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