Flag Day Thoughts

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I love the United States and I want to visit all of it. I wonder sometimes if I should be yearning to see Europe, Africa or Australia. But I never feel that way. I haven’t seen enough of this country. My recent trip to Alaska reinforces in me the desire to see the beauty of my own country. There is so much I still need to see.

I stand at attention with my hand on my heart each day in my classroom and demand either a unison response or a respectful silence from my students. When necessary I remind them of the sacrifices given for our flag and country, and those currently being given.

Here are some pages to use with your students or children. They include a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance and some pages to learn and understand its vocabulary.










Pledge pages

With these feelings in mind, I created a Flag Day Scavenger Hunt. It is available on TPT here.


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