Fishy Fish

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Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

Henry David Thoreau

Fishy Fish Here is a fun freebie!

A Very Fun Freebie

Here is a fun end of the year activity. I provide a list of names of actual fish. Fish have the most awesome names! The kids then draw a literal picture of what the fish should look like. A dogfish, a pinecone fish, a knife fish, a jellynose fish, etc. The kids love deciding which fish to draw. The next step is to write a sentence describing how they think the fish got its name. Then the students look up the fish on the internet. They draw what the fish actually looks like. They try to find out how it actually got its name, but if they can’t find that information, they just share a fact they discovered about the fish.

Here is my list of fish:

Fishy Fish

Here’s where the kids can do their work:

Fishy Fish Workspace

My students have asked do this again and again in their free time!



  1. Awe, this looks fun Ann! Makes me miss third graders! I miss you too! Loretta

  2. Hi Ann –

    I have never heard of a word safari before but I love the idea! One of the teachers I have worked with had an “interesting word” wall in her classroom. I have also seen it on her door. Each time the students came to a word they did not know or found interesting, the grabbed a sticky note, wrote it down, and signed their name. Then added it to the wall. Each day the teacher would go through the words and talk about them. At the beginning of the year, there was a prize given each week to a student for finding words. She changed it so they never knew what it was for. One week it would be the most words, or a word the teacher didn’t know, or a previous vocabulary word. It really encouraged the students to not skip over the words.


  3. Never heard of a safari but love the idea!!


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