First Week Musings

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What a week. I met 18 new third graders and a new student teacher. We are busy learning the new vocabulary of third grade. The first new word was “agenda.” The students are learning to follow/know where we are going with our lessons. Another new word was “bioglyph.” We created a fun one to show our life in a drawing. Another new word is “focus.” I am putting up a focus wall for the first time. I think it will be worthwhile. I’ve already seen the kids glance at it to help themselves stay on track.

Tomorrow we will make “hypotheses” in a really cool science experiment. Through “trial and error” the teams will try to suspend a helium balloon at desk level. They will be given a cup and several small items to use to hold it down.

I have explained the meanings of many Latin/Greek roots already this year. We’ve talked about “manuscript” literally meaning handwriting. We’ve talked about “biography” meaning life writing and “biologist” meaning a person who studies life.

We learned that a “pictograph” is a more grown-up word for a picture graph and that third graders are certainly old enough to know the real words.

I enjoy giving my students opportunities to stretch their vocabulary!

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