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Freebies  announced throughout the day on my Facebook page.

First hint – it won’t be first!

Clue # 2 Remember I work in Central Time!

Clue #3 At 12:30 some penguins decided to go for free. I hope you find them! The big one will happen nearer to a half hour than an hour.

Clue # 4 A brand new product is currently available for you to download and let me know your opinions! It will be free until about 4:15 – remember it’s Central time.

Clue #5 – Get ready the BIG one is coming!!!!

Sunday’s Fabulous Flash Freebies is underway on my Facebook page.

At times throughout the day several of my products will be available for brief periods for free. Today I am debuting my America Bundle. It contains (more than) 6 complete units.

It includes US Government (2 products), National Holidays with extra vocabulary, Elections, The Preamble to the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance,and the Star-Spangled Banner. Each unit was created for my third grade classroom, but would work well through 5th grade. At some time today it will be free for only 10 minutes. I will be posting hints on my Facebook page and here on my blog.

Flash Freebie Sundays

Here’s a little share for you for checking in!



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