“In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.”
―    William Penn

As we are gearing up for elections, I thought I would give you at look at part of my election unit. It is for sale on TPT and TN for $5.00.



One way to build vocabulary is through conversation. Have students complete a KWL chart to kick off your lessons, then have them talk as partners, teams, or whole group about each section.

Another activity that could be used as a formative assessment after some vocabulary has been presented would be a tree map. You would want students to use the new vocabulary and to be able to add ideas to the right sections. Again conversation will help students retain what they are learning.

After vocabulary is introduced and practiced, it is always fun to play games to reinforce and review. I have several games and a gameboard in this unit. Here is a fun Vocabualry Spinner to help build vocabulary understanding.

I am excited to begin using my election vocabulary unit in my classroom in the next couple weeks. What activities do you have planned for elections?


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  1. In my email version of this, the haystack graphic appears first, under the title. I was very curious how the haystack was going to relate to elections.

  2. Funny, it might be fun to think of some connections… looking for a good politician is like finding a needle…

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