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pstearns suggested to me that my “Simple Glyph about Me” could be used as a compass rose lesson. What a great idea! So, with a few changes to the original, I have created one:

I considered using the words “northern triangle,” “southern triangle,” etc., but I felt that in keeping with Marzan’s 4-14-40 idea I should present the simpler words for students to see and hear over again.

And then the word “intermediate” is one my students really have a hard time grasping, so I created a Word of the Day card for it. (This card is not part of set 1, it is most likely the first card for set 8.)

Word of the Day card from set 8

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  1. I love this compass rose glyph! Thank you!

  2. I like it! (And I get it!)

    • Thanks, I am glad you get it. You made me smile!

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