Collecting Memories

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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

~ Albert Einstein


The school year is almost over. This has been a difficult one for me. Some of my third graders required constant supervision, it was difficult even to take a restroom break. However, I hope they will take along with them some good memories of third grade and a feeling of being loved.

Next year will bring many changes. I will have a teaching partner. My students will have a “switch class”. I will have someone to brainstorm with about difficult students. I will know they will only be in my classroom for half the day.

This will be my last year teaching math and science. After 36 years of teaching these subjects I am sure I will miss them. I am looking forward to being able to focus my planning on language arts and social studies. As always, many ideas are swarming through my head. We will teach by genre next year. This excites me with possiblities!

Here is a freebie for collecting some memories. You could also use it with my End of Year Memory Collector Scavenger Hunt or on its own. 




I found this free product available from a brand new seller on TpT. Students fill in a newsletter-like form for a student in next year’s class.  Maybe you’d also like to check her out! Her store is called Some Kind of Teacher.


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