The Vocabulary of Back to School

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Is it really already that time of year? The store ads are saying , “Back to School.” I’ve already been to Walmart and bought  crayons, markers, notebooks, and folders. I am sure I will need to buy more!


My ABC’s for going back to school:

THhe Vocabulary of Back to SchoolAcademics – the reason we are there! What do we want them to know? How will we present it? How will we know they learned it?

Balance – we wear so many hats and so do our students! Can we do it all? Can they?

Community – we are all in it together! How will we build it? How will we grow it?

Design – students deserve well planned lessons! Do we have them? Can we find them?

Education – let’s keep learning! It is for all of us!

Focus, goals, helpfulness, ideas, judgments, knowledge, listening, mentoring – the words continue! All the way from A – Z  – we need to be ready to reach them you see!

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Celebrate America with Savings!

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Many of my products are on sale to celebrate the 4th of July! Come on over and check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Wasps Vs Bees: Reading for Detail

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“Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not damage it.”
~ John Muir

When students read non-fiction text, especially texts with a compare-contrast structure, they really need to pay attention to details. The author’s purpose is to show similarities and differences. Students need to read with that purpose in mind. Students could use structures, such as a Venn Diagram or a Compare-Contrast Matrix, to make notes about what they are reading. Students need to be able to determine important details to find the comparisons.

My students were captivated this year by the Who Would Win series by Jerry Pallotta.  They were able to give information about each text and to summarize the answer to the question providing detail. Unfortunately these books were so popular that I no longer have copies of most of them and will need to replace them next school year. I think I will buy two sets!

I have created two activities for students to use this skill of reading for detail and then apply the skill to an identification activity. One of the activities compares butterflies and moths. The other compares frogs and toads. Each activity provides students with a scavenger hunt to collect information, then an identification activity to put the information to use. They also include a Venn diagram and a Compare and Contrast matrix to assist the students in organizing their thinking. The butterfly and moth lesson includes drawings, while the frog and toad lesson includes actual photographs.

I am including a lesson on comparing wasps and bees. I hope you and your students will enjoy it.

Wasps and Bees Scavenger Hunt

Wasps and Bees Scavenger Hunt This scavenger hunt contains 8 informational cards and 8 identification cards. Frogs and Toads contains 20 informational cards and 12 identification cards. At this time Butterflies and Moths contains 20 informational cards and 8 identification cards. All three contain a Venn diagram to help the student organize the information.

Happy Summer! Watch out for the wasps!



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Hunting for Scavenger Hunts

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My students love scavenger hunts. We do three or four different ones each week. I use them for independent spelling work, to reinforce and practice skills in language arts, and to introduce and review information for social studies.

Friday I had my class and 1/2 of another class all working on a Explore Texas scavenger hunt with barely a whisper in the classroom. They were so intently focused on their work. I wanted to take pictures but there were so many kids in the room that I worried I wouldn’t be able to take any without faces.

It was amazing! They worked for over 20 minutes. I loved the excited chatter cause by students helping others find their last few cards.

Have you ever used scavenger hunts in your classroom? They are easy to implement and they have some great benefits! The benefits include movement, novelty, and focus.

First, movement is good for the brain. It is a brain break from the usual classroom routine. Plus learning that incorporates movement tends to be retained longer.




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Time to Save a Bundle!

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Thank you for your participation in my 1,000 follower giveaway! The winner of the $50.00 TpT gift certificate was Gina Spears. I hope she was able to find helpful products with her prize.

Christmas has been coming at me full speed. I almost feel as though I will be run over and it will be gone! I did spend all day Saturday and Sunday preparing for it, so maybe I’ll feel ready enough to enjoy the day somewhat.

I’d like to offer you all some holiday savings! All of my largest bundles (everything over $7.00) will be 40% off through Christmas. Please take a look and see what you can save!

Merry Christmas to all of my blogging friends!


Save a Bundle thru Dec. 25

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Celebrating 1,000

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I posted my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers on June 8, 2012. A few days later I noticed that I had a “follower”. Being new to most things online, I was confused by this and unsure what it actually meant. A couple days later I noticed another follower, and another. In my first couple weeks I posted many new free products, products I was creating to use in my classroom in the coming school year. I continued to add a few followers.

On June 15, I posted my first paid item. It has never taken off, but I remember my feeling of excitement when I thought of the product and spent the day making it! That first month I posted 5 freebies and 6 paid items, but made no sales! Finally on July 1, the first day of a brand new quarter, I made my first sale which was actually for 2 products! I made $3.90. It was so exciting and SO scary. I was so worried that people wouldn’t love  or even like what I put out there. This feeling of dread continued with every feedback for about the rest of that year.

Around April 1, 2013 soon after I’d begun adding scavenger hunts to my store, my sales turned a corner and became much stronger. In January, 2014 I reached the first TpT milestone. I have more than doubled that already since that time.

I have been a seller on TpT for 888 days. I am at 998 followers. I want to celebrate this amazing site and my unfathomable success! I am offering a $50.00 gift certificate for Teachers Pay Teachers. I will also be offering a freebie each day this week on my Facebook page. Each item will be free for only 2-3 hours. I will give you a heads up for when to expect them each day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you will join my giveaway and enjoy the freebies!

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