Building Comprehension

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We have been working hard to help our students make use of the comprehension tools available within sentences and paragraphs.

Some sentences give examples:

The farm implements, plow, shovel, and spade, had been used so often for planting, that they need replaced.

Others give an explanation:

Our teacher seemed infallible because she always knew the answers.

Many sentences offer synonyms or antonyms:

Penny was mortified, or shamed, by her poor bike riding skills.

A comparison is another structure to be watched for:

Some people are perplexed by puzzles, while others figure them out quickly.

Additionally, sentences can provide information that contrasts:

Something seemed wrong with David today; he made only cursory effort on his schoolwork, unlike his usual careful work.

Clues for Context Clues are sparkling gems to help a struggling reader!

I use this product with my struggling readers. The cards are reminders to look for help in¬†comprehending¬†meaning. As they are reading if they use one of the clue cards, they get to put in their “gem collection”. This complete lesson is available at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers and it is free!

I found a new idea for a lesson idea today. It uses a sentence with just a letter clue for a word:

Mary loves to eat b________ ?????????

Students brainstorm possible words to complete the sentence: bread, broccoli, brownies, bananas, burgers, etc. Then the sentence is repeat with the remainder shown:

Mary loves to eat b________, although her mom doesn’t want her to have too many sweets.

Another example:

Lisa has a new j__________ ???????

jump-rope, jersey, jacket, etc.

Lisa has a new j__________ for writing her thoughts about each day.

I am excited to use this new idea with my students. It will make clear to them the need to read on not only to help with unknown words, but also to add to the context of the word.

Do you have any ideas for increasing comprehension?



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