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Here’s an amazing find from Teachers Pay Teachers. It is by one of our newer members and it has some great material for word study and thinking skills!


This activity pack introduces and teaches four different types of brain twisters:


Letter Patterns – determining what certain letters stand for based on number clues

Example:  “24 H in a D”  is 24 hours in a day and “26 L in the A” is 26 letters in the alphabet

Visual Puzzles – deciphering a common phrase or word based on the visual attributes of letters or symbols in a box

           Example:      “2nd     2nd     2nd     2nd     2nd”  is 5 seconds and “SH    IP” is Spaceship


Hink Pink – identifying two rhyming words based on a defining sentence

           Example:  “a distant light in the sky”  is FAR STAR  and “a tiny sphere” is a SMALL BALL

Clues in Common – deducing what complimentary word a group of words may have in common

Example:  “door, ache, stage, pack”  all have the word BACK in common, while “keeper, brick, wife, fire” all have HOUSE in common.

Angela includes a fun teaching sheet with three or four completed samples to help students figure out how to approach each type of brain twister. Each of these fun activities challenge students to think about words in unique, interesting ways. These activities will initiate great conversation about words! An answer key for each activity is included.

Here is what Angela has to say about her amazing product:


Here is an example of one of her 36 complete bingo sheets! One sheet would be fun to solve on its own! I am blown away by the value of this product! You get a total of 48 pages, packed with brain building materials, currently for only $4.00!


I am always on the lookout for creative ways to get children to love language learning! I am excited to present this one and I am anxious to find and share more amazing products.


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