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A best-seller was a book which somehow sold well because it was selling well.

– Daniel J. Boorstin

First, congratulations to the 6 winners of my Halloween Scavenger Hunts giveaway! I have sent out emails to the winners. I have heard from most of them and sent out the prizes. It was lots of fun. I am hoping to do a “bundles” giveaway soon.

Ever since I started posting scavenger hunts in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, my store has taken off!  My class and all of the third grade enjoy scavenger hunts. We are currently using them for number sense and place value. We will soon be adding multiplication.

My map skills scavenger hunt (1st) and map skills  foldable (3rd) are my best sellers of my best sellers. And my foldable has only been on sale since Septmeber 2! I am working this weekend to add more map skills to my store. Yesterday I added a map skills share share switch. (A share share switch is very similar to the Kagan structure “Quiz, quiz, trade”.) I am working on a map skills scoot and a  “I Have… Who Has”. I think I may do a “Find Someone Who”. I will also package all of these together in a bundle. I wonder if they will continue the trend of selling well.

My special days scavenger hunts  also sell very well. I have been working on a Thanksgiving one for a couple of weeks. I am having a difficult time with it because of some feedback I heard about last year. Apparently someone was going to all of the sellers of the Thanksgiving products on TpT to tell them that their products were racist because of what happened to the Native Americans after that first Thanksgiving. I want my product to feel fair, but I also want it to feel fun and interesting to third graders. I am just having a hard time feeling happy about it all. However, my Thanksgiving Day Math Review Scavenger Hunt should be posted later today.

Jon on a Scavenger Hunt


Storing scavenger hunts


Finding the answers


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