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It’s Here!

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Find my store here!

Yes! Tomorrow is the big day! Everything in my store will be marked 20% off! Everything, even bundles! On top of that TpT will give you an additional 5% off just for using the Promo Code BTS19. That’s a total of 25% off! This amazing offer will only be available tomorrow and Wednesday.

You need to be ready, so here are some items to place in your cart now: Reading Bundle Scavenger Hunts This bundle provides 12 activities for students to practice important reading skills and strategies in a movement based manner.

Learning Cursive This comprehensive package allows students to learn cursive on their own through video instruction, saving teachers valuable time to work on other skills.

Poetry Bundle These original poems bring extra fun to poetry lessons! The colorful designs are perfect for fast bulletin boards throughout the year. Each lesson also includes test prep activities.

Context Clues Scavenger Hunt My best seller! This lesson helps students understand and use context clues in a movement based activity.

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Halloween Costume Fun

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Here are 2 Halloween Fun pages for your kids to enjoy!

Check out my other Halloween ideas here.

Find these here

Halloween Costume Fun

Happy Haunting!



Halloween Costume ContestHalloween Costume Word Find

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Halloween Dice Game

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Here’s some Halloween Fun and it is free this weekend (October 20 – 22, 2017)! It includes 3 fun games with student pages for practice, scoring, or drawing. Two of the games practice math skills; the other is a fun drawing contest. Enjoy!!! And Happy Halloween!


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Halloween Poetry Sample

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Halloween is fun time for kids and adults.
I have written several poems for the holiday for use in a third grade classroom. The poems are on color posters and black and white student pages. They come with comprehension questions written in testing format.
Here is a sample poem! I hope you can use it with your kids!

Halloween Sample Poem
Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Context Clues

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Students need to be able to determine the meaning of words that they encounter in text. Context provides many types of clues to the meaning of words. Sometimes, especially in textbooks or student news magazines a definition is stated or an explanation or restatement is added. Students need to learn to watch for this information and to use it. Often a synonym for the word may be used within the paragraph. By paying attention to this new information, students can gain understanding of a word. When a contrasting idea is given, an antonym might help the student determine word meaning. A prefix or suffix on a word can add to student understanding of its meaning. Often students can use their background knowledge mixed with the clues in the text to make an inference. The simplest help in learning the word might be found in an illustration.


I’ve made a page for students to add to their interactive notebook to remind them to look for different types of context clues.



I feel using context clues should be fun, so I have created a Halloween Context Clues Scavenger Hunt. Students can be out of their seats while determining the meaning of words. I have found that students love a chance to move. This product is available at my TPT store and includes the context clues material above (plus several other pages on context clues)  as well as 16 scavenger hunt cards asking students to determine the meaning of words.



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