August? Already?!

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Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.

– Russell Baker

This morning I was wondering about how August got its name. I thought it was named for Augustus Caesar, but I wasn’t sure if  that was accurate. Well, I was right and I learned some really cool stuff! Did you know that August was originally the SIXTH month and its name was “Sextillia” which is Latin for sixth? I knew September, October, November , and December were all misnomers as their prefixes mean seven, eight, nine, and ten.

What I didn’t know was the March used to be the first month! Until 1752 the British and their colonies celebrated New Years at the spring equinox around March 22! Now all of the misnamed months make sense.

The word April may come from the Latin word for second, the Latin word for “to open” because of flowers blooming, or the Roman goddess Aphrodite. Its origin is not certain.

Februa used to be an end of year celebration and around 690 B.C. it became a whole month of celebration and was named February. January, March, and May are all named for Roman gods or goddesses while July, just as I thought is named for Julius Caesar. However, before he laid claim to the month, it was named “Quintilis,” which is Latin for fifth.

So much great information, and great for vocabulary building!

Yesterday I redid all of my birthday charts, because a buyer asked if they could be bigger and have more lines. The new ones are 8 by 5.25. The 12 months will need about 5 feet of space to display. The small charts are still available.


Larger penguin birthday  chart

The Penguin Birthday chart is a freebie.

Larger Monster birthday chartFind all of the birthday charts here:

What are some calendar activities you do with your class? Please link us to a favorite or post it in the comments. You can find over 4000 of them at TpT!



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