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Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers.
                                                                                           – George Siemen
And so a person who blogs is a blogger, although they might have been a bloggor, a bloggist, a bloggant, a bloggart or even a bloggarian. And who is the bloggee? The person writing or the person reading? Who decides with brand new words? How do they grow and become recognized so quickly?
While working on a product on suffixes, I started noticing all of the suffixes that mean a”a person who”. I had never thought about servant having a suffix and meaning “a person who serves”. Yet here comes to mind immigrant, inhabitant, celebrant, participant, already to taunt me for not seeing them before.
Do I think learning all of these word endings would be beneficial to my little people (third graders)? Yes, I do. If by learning, I mean being exposed to, playing with, talking about. No, I don’t. If by learning I mean drilling and testing.
How about an example/non-example lesson. Have a list of maybe 20 words with suffixes. Be sure about half of them have suffixes that mean “a person who” (teacher, walker, artist, scientist,  inventor, translator, librarian, vegetarian, contestant, defendant…). Start making two lists, students pay attention to the words to determine why they are examples or non-examples.
A “find an ending” matching game could be fun and would involve movement and discussion in the classroom. Half the students would have a card with a root word and the other half have a suffix meaning “a person who”. They link up with a partner when their two word parts create a “person” noun. They could then share the word and how they knew it was a good word with the class.


Suffix Chart
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I think I want to be a bloggart. It seems like I could be a blogger with a bit of a braggart inside. Anyone else?


  1. Yes. 🙂 I blogger puts so much work into her/his work it is natural to want to share it and be proud of it.

    • Thanks for your reply! 🙂

  2. Ann-Your blog is right up my alley! I’m a reading specialist, and I’ve just been rereading Bringing Words to Life and gave a workshop this spring on using tier 2 words. I found your blog on TPTs forum, and I will most definitely be following your posts. I love finding new ideas related to vocabulary. Hope you’ll drop by mine too. I don’t see any posts related to Six Traits Writing, but perhaps you can jump in on the linky for word choice and voice. This week’s linky is focused on organization.
    Comprehension Connection

    • Thanks so much! I have followed your blog. I would love to add to a linky sometime.

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