A Penguin Party Is Coming!

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Starting Thursday morning I will be having a Penguin Party Giveaway to celebrate my newly redesigned blog! Enter to win!
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Penguin Party Giveaway




I will announce the winner early on Tuesday morning. Good luck!


Penguin Party Giveaway Items

Shown above: At top, Penguin pennants 10 inch and 5 inch, Team labels and numbers, name or desk tags, birthday poster and birthday cards, Penguin award and stationary, at bottom, Penguin behavior charts and coupons, and Penguin Scavenger Hunt with Data collection and graphing

My Penguin Products:

Ready-to-Go Penguin Theme $7.00 (47 pages)

Happy Dance Penguins Border
Emperor Penguin Border
Happy Dance Penguins Subject Headers
Emperor Penguin Subject Headers
Penguin Birthday Postcards
Penguin Birthday Chart
Penguin Thank You Card
Penguin Stationery
Thank you
Just a note…
Happy Dance Penguin Certificates
Days 2 different sets:
Roly- Poly Penguin
Pattern of happy dance penguins and colors
Penguin Desk Tags Grades 1 – 5
Penguin Desk Tags Mixed Grades 3 – 5
Penguin Cutouts
Penguin Bookmarks: 2 sets
Happy Dance Penguins
Emperor Penguins

Penguin Decor  $2.50 (26 pages)

Team Signs (Numbers and Days of the Week)

Desk Numbers

Name or Desk Tags – 18 different tags, using all 17 species of penguins

Welcome signs

Penguin Decor Pennants $3.00 (50 pages)

Alphabet, numbers, and punctuation in 10 inch and 5 inch varieties, uses all 17 species of penguin

More Classroom Penguins $2.50 (14 pages and growing)

4 Birthday posters and birthday cards
4 Behavior sticker charts
2 Bookmarks (Chillin’ with a Good Book and I-C-Y You Love this Book)
Hall passes
Class coupons (No homework, iPad/Computer Time, and “Waddle” You Choose Free Choice coupon)

Penguin Scavenger Hunt with Data Collection and Graphs $2.50 (13 pages)

Addition Facts Reverse Bingo $4.00 (55 pages)

My classroom is set up with penguins everywhere. You can see the penguin wall stickers that I purchases from My Growing Child on my cabinets. They have an amazing assortment of wall clings available. I found the carpets online. The reading carpet is looking great after 2 years. The hopscotch carpet needed replaced after 2 years of wear and tear. Even our superintendent felt the need to hopscotch his way out of the room! My pictures showing my bulletin boards, calendar, etc. were the very first pictures that i took with my cell phone and the quality is terrible!!! I will have to make a new post to show these off once I get back to my classroom.


Reading rug

Hopscotch Penguin Style

 Thank you for joining the giveaway!



  1. OK…I clicked both pictures and I do not see where to enter… I’m hopeless..lol

    • Sorry to confuse you! I will put up the Rafflecopter tonight or tomorrow. It is a slow learning curve!

  2. Sooooo cute!!! Great giveaway!

  3. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    • Good luck, thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love Penguins!

    • Me, too! Thanks,

  5. Penguin Decor would be my favorite so far…but I also like the room theme packet, too. 🙂

    • Thanks for participating!

  6. I love penguins! I really like the penguin scavenger hunt. dbednarsk@yahoo.com

    • I really enjoy making and using the scavenger hunts, too.

  7. I like them all, but you KNOW I’m a fan of scavenger hunts!
    Penguin Scavenger Hunt with data collection and graphs!!

    • 🙂 Thanks for joining in!

  8. I like the penguin theme and the addition facts reverse bingo!

  9. Penguin scavenger hunt

  10. I love the addition facts reverse bingo — this would be really fun to use with students. I also love the penguin scavenger hunt.

    • Thanks for joining the fun! I am glad you like the reverse bingo idea!

      • I love that scavenger hunt, too. Thanks for joining the fun.

        • I am excited that the reverse bingo is popular! If you win you could get all of them! Thanks for playing.

  11. links in rafflecopter are not working. I had to coy and paste. Thanks for the contest.

    • Thanks for letting me know and thanks for participating!

  12. I love your scavenger hunts and perimeter critical thinking activities.


  13. YIPEE penguins! I’m a penguin collector myself! Nice to meet you!

    • I hope you find some things you love!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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