4th of July Giveaway

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Where liberty dwells, there is my country.  ~Benjamin Franklin



My 4th of July scavenger hunt is a freebie on TpT. It has 16 cards providing information about Independence Day and symbols of our country.  A question sheet asks students about the information. Please download it and review it, add some feedback if you’d like.

For my giveaway, I am asking you to post a way you could use this activity this summer or during the school year. Everyone who posts a message with an idea can choose a product ($3.00 or less) from my story for free. When you post, let me know what you would like and provide me with your email address and I will send it to you. This giveaway will go through July 4, 2013. One free product per email address.

Here is something else I’d like you to have for celebrating our freedom!

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I am looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Great idea! I could use this with my holidays unit, where we talk about all of the holidays that are important to our cultures. And thanks for the free item! I would love to have the Wild Ones game.

    • Please give me an email address, I would love to send it to you!

  2. What a great product! I would use this with social studies, when teaching about American History. Thanks for the awesome activity! I would love the fraction scavenger hunt! Thanks for offering the free product as well. my email is kimberly.stulken.2@my.und.edu

    • It is on its way. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I have freebies often, if you’d like to follow me.

  3. This is great! I do a unit on America during the school year during RTII. We read several books and articles on American symbols. I am going to add this to the unit perhaps as a fun end of the unit game. I will probably do this in groups of 3 or 4. I was thinking of adding clues to where to find the next card, so I can start each group at a different card as they move around the room. This will be a great activity!

    • Thanks for responding! If you give me your email address, I’ll be happy to send a product from my store – anything $3.00 or less.

  4. This is a wonderful idea! I think it would be great as either a review in a Social Studies classroom or ELA classroom. Fourth grade in Tennessee studies the Revolutionary War and these cards would be a great resource for that unit. They would also be great in an ELA classroom to for students who are struggling with informational texts. These cards would be great for those students to simply practice reading smaller statements and determining main idea of those. That’s how I plan on using them in my classroom. Thank you so much!!
    I would like the Cause and Effect Scavenger Hunt: Learning Through Movement

    • Your choice is on its way. Thanks for responding. I have freebies often on my blog, if you’d like to follow it.

  5. I have a large group of fifth graders coming this year to my resource room. I would use these cards towards the end of the year when they are studying colonies and the Revolutionary War to help with the background and vocabulary of these units. We could not only match them around the room, but use them as flashcards with teams making the matches.

    I would love to see your Rounding Rollercoaster unit! It looks like it has some great visuals that will help my kiddos.

    • I would love to send it to you! Email me at annfausnight@netzero,com and I’ll send it right along.
      I have freebies often on my blog, if you’d like to follow me.

  6. This would be perfect to use with my 5th Graders during our study of the American Revolution. I think the Your Synonym Scavenger Hunt would be great for our language work.

    • I’d love to send you the Synonyms Scavenger Hunt, just leave me an email address. 🙂 I have freebies quite often on my blog. I’d love it if you followed me!

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