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Missing Mondays

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As a retired dedicated, enthusiastic, perhaps even fanatical, teacher, I have been realizing that I miss Mondays. Mondays were always my favorite days. On Mondays I got to implement the fun ideas I had spent time (hours, actually, just ask my co-teachers – there was a rebellion at one point) planning the week before.

I absolutely loved brainstorming, finding, and/or creating new projects, activities, and even worksheets to introduce, practice, review, and assess learning for every topic. I always wanted to have the best materials, which meant at least checking if something better was available since the last time I taught that topic. Near the end of my 38 year career, almost exclusively in self contained classrooms, I had to choose to teach either math and science or language arts and social studies. I cried over this decision. It was so hard to give up any of my subjects. I eventually chose language arts and social studies, but my love for teaching math and science never diminished.

So on Mondays, I got to try out my new ideas or reintroduce tried and true favorite lessons. It was exciting to me to arrive on Monday mornings with lessons and materials for the week ready to go. The kids were a little calmer on Monday mornings after their weekends. They seemed able to take things in a bit better. Mondays were almost always the smoothest days of the week.

By Tuesday afternoon, or Wednesday planning period, getting organized for the next week was already happening. My focus needed to be split between what I was teaching and what I was planning. I needed to keep current with all of my students work to be able to assess whether any lessons needed to be extended to ensure comprehension, possibly be reinforced within small groups or centers.

Most of the week was so filled with work, research, grading, planning, reinventing… Mondays, Mondays were my calm days. I miss Mondays.

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