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World of Words Wednesdays

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World of Words Wednesday


Each Wednesday I plan to present words in English that come from other languages. I find this to be interesting and I am hoping to make it interesting for students in grades 3 – 5. It is really cool how our language incorporates words from other languages!

First up some plant and animal names that come from Native American Algonquian words.

caribou which means “snow shoveler”

muskrat which means “bob (at the surface of the water) head”

opossum which means “white dog”

pecan which means “nut”

persimmon which means “fruit, berry”

skunk which means “to urinate” + “fox”

woodchuck¬†comes from reshaped words meaning “wood” and “chuck”



Each week I will include a vocabulary card that can be used in your classroom. Sets of cards may be found in my Teacher Pay Teachers store.

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Alphabet Posters Giveaway

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I am working on some awesome lessons for teaching manuscript printing and cursive this summer. I think it is something many, many teachers and homeschooling parents will be able to use and love. While I am working to create these amazing products I have needed to acquire some new skills. I may not be able to begin producing my big products for a few weeks, but I want to get you all excited about using great manuscript and cursive in your classrooms!

I have created some manuscript (printing) alphabet posters. I will be giving several sets of these away for FREE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These posters are available in 13 colors or in the rainbow pattern of all thirteen colors. They are available without lines, with lines, and with arrows showing how to form the letters. N-Z repeat the colors of A-M if you choose the rainbow pattern of colors. The vowels come with a short vowel card and a long vowel card. I currently have them in black the same as the consonants, but I would change them on request. I created the background for these cards. The fonts are by Fonts4Teachers. The pictures are from Pixabay. They will be available in my TeachersPayTeachers store for $3.00 for the rainbow set (in each of the three formats) and $4.00 for a custom set. Please share this post with any teacher or homeschooling parent who might be interested in having these posters!



























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Fun Free Father’s Day Craft

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Every June we used to make these in my classroom. The kids loved creating crazy designs for the ties! It was so fun to see what they would come up with. Using real buttons or cutting fabric into a tie shape adds another level of fun to the project! You can find free patterns on TPT here.


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Flag Day Thoughts

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I love the United States and I want to visit all of it. I wonder sometimes if I should be yearning to see Europe, Africa or Australia. But I never feel that way. I haven’t seen enough of this country. My recent trip to Alaska reinforces in me the desire to see the beauty of my own country. There is so much I still need to see.

I stand at attention with my hand on my heart each day in my classroom and demand either a unison response or a respectful silence from my students. When necessary I remind them of the sacrifices given for our flag and country, and those currently being given.

Here are some pages to use with your students or children. They include a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance and some pages to learn and understand its vocabulary.










Pledge pages

With these feelings in mind, I created a Flag Day Scavenger Hunt. It is available on TPT here.


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