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Hunting for Scavenger Hunts

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My students love scavenger hunts. We do three or four different ones each week. I use them for independent spelling work, to reinforce and practice skills in language arts, and to introduce and review information for social studies.

Friday I had my class and 1/2 of another class all working on a Explore Texas scavenger hunt with barely a whisper in the classroom. They were so intently focused on their work. I wanted to take pictures but there were so many kids in the room that I worried I wouldn’t be able to take any without faces.

It was amazing! They worked for over 20 minutes. I loved the excited chatter cause by students helping others find their last few cards.

Have you ever used scavenger hunts in your classroom? They are easy to implement and they have some great benefits! The benefits include movement, novelty, and focus.

First, movement is good for the brain. It is a brain break from the usual classroom routine. Plus learning that incorporates movement tends to be retained longer.


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