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Celebrating 1,000

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I posted my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers on June 8, 2012. A few days later I noticed that I had a “follower”. Being new to most things online, I was confused by this and unsure what it actually meant. A couple days later I noticed another follower, and another. In my first couple weeks I posted many new free products, products I was creating to use in my classroom in the coming school year. I continued to add a few followers.

On June 15, I posted my first paid item. It has never taken off, but I remember my feeling of excitement when I thought of the product and spent the day making it! That first month I posted 5 freebies and 6 paid items, but made no sales! Finally on July 1, the first day of a brand new quarter, I made my first sale which was actually for 2 products! I made $3.90. It was so exciting and SO scary. I was so worried that people wouldn’t love  or even like what I put out there. This feeling of dread continued with every feedback for about the rest of that year.

Around April 1, 2013 soon after I’d begun adding scavenger hunts to my store, my sales turned a corner and became much stronger. In January, 2014 I reached the first TpT milestone. I have more than doubled that already since that time.

I have been a seller on TpT for 888 days. I am at 998 followers. I want to celebrate this amazing site and my unfathomable success! I am offering a $50.00 gift certificate for Teachers Pay Teachers. I will also be offering a freebie each day this week on my Facebook page. Each item will be free for only 2-3 hours. I will give you a heads up for when to expect them each day.
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I hope you will join my giveaway and enjoy the freebies!

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