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Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.

– Rose Kennedy

After less than 19 months on Teachers Pay Teachers I am amazed and honored to be one of the milestone teachers in the newsletter this weekend. Others have done it quicker, I know. Yet, I also know my success outstrips some others who have been around longer. I am thrilled with my success. When I posted my first freebie I never actually considered that I might reach this point.

For a while I discovered that success on TpT is kind’ve like using crack. What seemed too good to be true soon becomes not good enough. You always want more, then more, then more. To be really happy things need to be going up. In late Novemebr when things were really not going up, but truthfully slipping a little, I was feeling depressed. I was praying about this one morning when I checked my site. I was at 20.20. I decided that was a signal that I needed to look at things with new eyes. Almost immediately the depressed feelings went away. I knew could be happy with whatever came. The next morning with my new insight cheering my heart I looked at my sales and I was at 20.20! I told God at that moment that the message was received.

During this week of celebration I am featuring my Context Clues Scavenger Hunt. I love my scavenger hunts. Once iIstarted creating them is when my store really took off. This scavenger hunt in particular has been a great seller.


My Map Skills Scavenger Hunt has sold almost as well. With great trepidation I bought clip art for creating this scavenger hunt. I needed to sell more than 3 to break even. It seemed like a gamble at the time. Now less than 10 months laterIi have sold 434 of them!

Map Skills Scavenger Hunt Preview Slide1

Teachers Pay Teachers will feature me on Facebook at some point this week. I have put my Birthdays Around the World Scavenger Hunt up as a flash freebie for the week. I chose this for my flash freebie because I love it, but it hasn’t been selling! When I made it, I was just so very pleased with how it turned out. I don’t know why it doesn’t sell. Iguess maybe there’s not a good time of year to cover birthdays. It is a great product for reading for information. And as I said, I love how it turned out!


Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this adventure! I am so excited to be sharing it with you!



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I don’t want an opportunity to go missing because of my lack of organization.

– Sandra Bullock

I haven’t posted in almost 6 weeks! I cannot believe how quickly something I considered important can be left behind.

Wow, school’s been busy, I’ve been busy, life’s been busy, but I think a lot of it is I have too much of the monkey in me.

I think this article and the one that follows clearly show how I, personally, tend to function! I want to change, but I create things on the computer and the Instant Gratification Monkey has no trouble at all moving on to some other distraction!

I am proud to say that I have been working my way through the Dark Woods most of the day and have even been in “the Flow” for awhile. I have 2 new products that are getting close to being ready to publish! I think that is the reason I am avoiding completion. It is a commitment to publish and it requires some extra thought. That monkey took off again, but I will reign him in and get back to it!  I will have 2 new products in the morning and they will both be offered for free for a short while tomorrow on my Facebook page.

Capacity Scavenger Hunt



Water Cycle Scavenger Hunt


Watch for them!


P.S. Do any of you ever have trouble with this monkey?

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