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Word of the Day “Veteran”

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“America’s veterans have served their country with the belief that democracy and freedom are ideals to be upheld around the world.”
– John Doolittle




I have updated my National Holiday Word of the Day cards. I felt like they had too much color for printing. You can compare my newest card to the Veterans Day card I posted last Sunday. The 10 official national holidays each have a card. I will being making an additional card for Inauguration Day. I will post it sometime soon.

Included in this set are additional vocabulary cards. For example, for Veterans Day I have a card that defines “veteran”. For Memorial Day I have a card that defines “memorial”. For Dr. King’s birthday the card defines “civil rights”. Altogether there are 22 Word of the Day cards, 4 worksheets for learning the meanings, and a vocabulary list.

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Saturday Extra: Word Study

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Intermediate Word Play Weekly Plan

If you are trying to get your kids to appreciate and engage in the process of discovering words, this is the activity for you! Not only do these lessons engage students actively in forming and exploring their word lists, but it also helps your reluctant readers gain confidence and learn to love words! After the first few lessons, students’ confidence skyrockets. Kids who hesitate to attempt difficult words gain the skills they need to start decoding more complex, multisyllabic words. You will see an increase in vocabulary skills, spelling skills, and fluency rates if you consistently implement these lessons with minimal preparation!

Heather Earley of begins her word play lessons with this amazing claim. But as I look over her materials, I find myself believing every word of it! Each 5 day lesson comes with detailed plans and easy preparation tips. I love that she allows for conversation and uncertainty on day 1. There will be words the students may not know. Students think together, manipulate letters, and make discoveries. Heather differentiates by working with a small group of students who need extra help. She includes other differentiation ideas and suggestions. The activities include a word ladder type practice, building words with manipulatives, independent practice, partner work, small group work, whole group work, fluency practice, “Find a Friend”, “Team Test”, a review, and I am sure there is more! She includes a word list for study and materials for every activity she describes.

The biggest selling point for me is the work with affixes. Students explore their meanings, the meanings of the new words they create, and how adding them affects spelling. During this discovery students also get to use conversation as a vocabulary building activity.

Heather has linked her work to common core expectations.

At this time Heather has 12 sets available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The focus words include:













“You will find everything you need to actively engage your kids in word play and exploration to develop vocabulary and word analysis skills as students seek to discover what the “big word” of the week is.”

Each item is available for only $2.00! If I taught 4th, 5th or 6th grade, I would already own them all! I am going to try some of the ideas with my 3rd graders.

Check out Rebecca Glasmann’s Fabulous Fall Giveaway!

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Saturday Extra Veterans Day

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“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

– Maya Angelou

Every Veterans Day for the last 5 – 6 years our third grade classes have walked to the nearby jr. high to look through their display of posters honoring service men and women from every student’s family. These posters are laminated and strung between the many trees in the schoolyard. The students walk respectfully and notice the different wars and the amount of service and sacrifice. They become silent in front of posters when they realize that that person was killed in battle. Last year we got to thank to Viet Nam veterans who were posing for pictures in front of their posters. It is a wonderful experience for the students. Inevitably they begin talking about who they could honor and why they should also be honored. This experience is an amazing vocabulary builder and so much more.

Here is a word of the day card to help honor our veterans in your classroom.

Veterans Day

Many other word of the day cards are available at my TPT store.

A set of National Holidays cards is currently available for $2.00

A b/w version is also available.


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