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Shades of Meaning

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Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the  human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.
Maya  Angelou

One of the benefits of the human voice, as Maya is telling us, is that inflection, intensity, and tone can add to our understanding of what is being said.

One of the benefits of a human face and eyes is being able to read the depth of meaning behind the words that are spoken.

One of the benefits of an extensive vocabulary is being able to find a word that means exactly what you want to say.

Children are learning all of these communications skills, usually without instruction and some much more successfully than others. We, as teachers, can help, possibly in all areas, but especially in vocabulary.

When students understand that different words carry a different connotation, they can become a better reader and writer. They might even become more socially adept.

This activity on synonym ranking is an excellent chance for students to discuss and decide shades of meanings for words. Many other pages are available in my Synonym Ranking product. It is only $2.50! And I have a sale going for buy two get one free.

I found another example of a great teaching tool on TPT today. (It is created by a very new seller. She sold her first item yesterday!) This Freebie contains 9 great slides to teach about specific language. It is by 2nd -Grade Snickerdoodles. Click on her slide to go to her freebie! She has lots of great stuff!

I wonder what other vocabulary treasures I can find on TPT?


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It’s a Halloween Sale

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I want to try a different approach to a sale at my TPT store. If you buy 2 items for a minimum of $3.00 you may choose any free item that is less than $2.50. If your 2 items total at least $6.00, you can choose any item for $5.00 or less. If your 2 items total at least $10.00 you have free choice of any one item! There is no limit either. If you buy 4 items, choose 2, if you buy 6 items, choose three! I am excited to make this offer. It is good through October 31.

To get your free item or items, I first ask that you follow my blog and my store. But then, it is really easy. At my store  click on the “Ask a Question” tab. Leave me your email address and the name of the item you are requesting. I will send it off to you as soon as possible!

I’m excited to try this. I hope you can find some goodies.


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Trick or Treat

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When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on
~Author Unknown

Here is a goodie just vaguely related to vocabulary development. A list of words gives an opportunity to discuss known and unknown words, an opportunity to clear up misconceptions about words, and an opportunity to connect new ideas to known ideas.

Trick or Treat

I like my students to write the alphabet at the bottom of their paper as an aide, if they have any difficulty with alphabetizing.

If you’d like more Trick or Treat Alphabetical Order. Visit my TPT store. This package contains four pages similar to this one (except they are portrait). One is alphabetizing to the first letter, one to the second, one to the third, and the fourth is a mixed group that would be good as an assessment. The package is only $1.00

Thanks for visiting!


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I Am Her Vocabulary Devotee!

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The best word-learning classrooms are filled with an intentional
focus on vocabulary where students notice words and consider strategies for becoming word savvy.   – Linda Hoyt

This list is from Spotlight on Comprehension: Building a Literacy of Thoughtfulness by Linda Hoyt, Chapter 18 “Building a Robust Vocabulary”.

This is a list of ways to intentionally build word awareness as an important stepping stone to facilatating vocabulary development and retention.

1. Ensure that students spend a lot of time reading from a wide range of texts with well-crafted language.

2. Read to learners from richly written fiction and nonfiction sources, discussing interesting words.

3. Create a word-rich environment, celebrate words on the walls of your classroom.

4. Use a rich vocabulary when conversing with learners.

5. Study the concepts that underlie words.

6. Identify relationships between words.

7. Connect new words to words already known.

8. Help students develop strategies for independent word learning.

9. Model good word learning behaviors and your own curiosity about words.

10. Invite students to be word detectives, collecting interesting words and words that are important.

11. Save words in a notebook.

12. Give students opportunities to use words in meaningful ways.

13. Engage with fewer words; don’t try to cover so many that learning is superficial.

14. Link visualizations to word meanings.

15. Provide opportunities to make inferences about word meanings.

16. Have fun with language!

I am including two worksheets I have created to go with Linda’s amazing vocabulary/comprehension building ideas.

KID Vocabulary

The First activity KID Vocabulary is for students to choose key words from a concept that is introduced. They choose the important information to remember, then draw an illustration to help build their understanding.

The second activity requires students to summarize a lesson in two words. Students need to reflect on the two words that will provide them with the most meaning for what they learned. Students are also asked to write or talk about why they chose those 2 words. They could talk about other words they considered and why they rejected them. They can help a partner evaluate the 2 words they chose. This is an excellent activity for using conversation as a learning tool.


Please check out my Vocabulary Development  Strategies Book at TPT!

Vocabulary Development Strategies

Vocabulary Development Strategies Contents


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On Saturday I attempted to link all of my freebies to my blog. It did not work out as I had hoped, far too many technical problems. However, they are all here, a dozen great freebies. I hope you will look and take what you like.

And an additional freebie, my autumn word of the day:

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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