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No Pictures

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Speaking of vocabulary… my niece’s last name is Angelone, very Italian pronunciation, but if you break it down, it says Angel One. She posted an ultrasound picture yesterday of Baby Angelone and Baby Angeltwo. I love how she shared, and I am so amazed by twins! We have none in our family anywhere. And I love clever use of our language!

Well, no penguin pictures today. My almost 12 hours in my classroom today did not give me enough time to figure out better pictures. I promise it is coming. I have such a cool quote to go with it.

Here’s the last card for Set 2 of the Word of the Day cards. That means if you go through my blog you can get all of Set 1 and Set 2 for free! I hope you do that, but if you want more there are many more available at my TpT store.

Set 2 # 15

Have a great weekend!


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I was all set to post my penguin classroom pictures when I discovered that I did a really bad job using my new phone as a camera. I will try again tomorrow. They are much too blurry to view.

Sometimes I think kids have a blurry understanding of what we are trying to teach them. They may know how to make reassuring responses and smile knowingly but still not understand. Working one-on-one with each of my kids today, I was surprised by many struggles. Students that I felt were on track are much more derailed than I’d anticipated.

Also I see this blurriness when we are teaching routines and procedures. I have to believe that 99% of them want to do what we ask. They just aren’t getting it the first time. Or they are getting a different message than we are sending. We need to step back and try for some new words without sounding annoyed or condescending. I teach babies (they are only 8 or 9) after all!

Have a good evening. Don’t hold your breath while I work through all of my glitches! But I do want to show off my penguins.


Word of the Day

Set 2 # 14

For more cards, visit my TpT store.

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Teachers’ Timesavers Giveaway

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I am giving away my Vocabulary Development Strategies at Adventures in Teaching. There are many other prizes being awarded. You should go check them out! Good luck!

Word of the Day

Set 2 # 13

I took the pictures; I’ll try to figure out how to get them off my new camera tomorrow!



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“The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.” —Andy Rooney



I created a product today for math vocabulary. It contains a Word of the Day card on probability.



It also contains posters about more likely, less likely, most likely, least likely, equally likely, certain, and impossible.


Word of the Day


Set 2 # 12

More available at my TpT store.

Have a great Tuesday. I am hoping to post pictures of my classroom tomorrow!








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Spooky Linky Compound Words

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I have joined this fun linky for Little Friendly Ghosts. You can click on the image above and find many resources using these ghosts! More will be added through October 31! Enjoy browsing.

Here are my activities:

This seems like a great opportunity to talk about compound words. Learning about compound words is another strategy for building vocabulary. The three types of compound words—closed, open, and hyphenated—can be confusing for kids (and adults).

Closed Compounds

The words we think of most often when we think of compound words are closed compounds. The two words are written together as one word. It is important that the two little words contribute to the meaning of the new word. For example, “moonlight” is light from the moon and a “scarecrow” is meant to scare crows. A “carpet” is NOT a car for pets, so “carpet” is NOT a compound word. In my classroom we call these “fake” compound words. The two little words do help us learn the spelling, but not the meaning. Of course, with some compound words the meaning of the two words together can be less clear than with others, as in “butterfly.” Sometimes the meaning becomes clear if the word parts are explained: “breakfast” is the meal when we break our fast (from not eating all night).

Open Compounds

The second type of compound words are two words that are written apart, but have a meaning together, such as “full moon” and “ice cream.”

Hyphenated Compounds

Hyphenated compound words, such as “trick-or-treat” and “thirty-one,” have a few rules for where we find them. Modifying compounds are often hyphenated, especially when they precede a noun, such as in the case of “full-time teacher,” “high-speed chase,” and “hundred-yard dash.” I do not try to teach these rules to my third graders!

I do teach my students that 2 digit numbers when written out are hyphenated, “twenty-six” and “fifty-four.” I also share that there are three kinds of compound words to watch for. We learn which is the right way to write them by paying attention to them when we see them. We can also check with a resource (friend, teacher, dictionary) to be sure we are writing words the correct way.

Have a fun day!


Word of the Day

Set 2 # 11

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