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Saturday Extra Word Study

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“Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life.” —Edward Roscoe Murrow

In my classroom we have a Word Study notebook. It includes sections for a personal dictionary, our Word Wall words, and for Working with Words.

The personal dictionary section has 26 pages. The kids write in words that they have needed in their own work. For example, if a child asks for a word to be added to the word bank (on the whiteboard) during writing, they copy the word into their personal dictionary for when they need it again. A child can consult their personal dictionary throughout the year and have needed words available to them. They can also inquire of classmates about words in their dictionaries that might be of help.

The Word Wall section contains 24 pages. It is used for weekly Word Wall activities. Favorites cheers and chants might be included. The students may be asked to make a word pyramid by writing the first letter, then the first two letters, then the first three letters, etc. For example,




They could also make words disappear by doing the same activity in reverse. The students also may put the word wall words in alphabetical order, sort them into categories, and write analogies.

In the Working with Words section, the students collect lists of various types of words, including antonyms, synonyms, homophones, homographs, compound words, contractions, and abbreviations. I give them a header for each type of word that includes an easy definition and an example.

Here are a few of the headers:

I will make these available as PDF files throughout the week! Watch for them.

If you’d like to see more, go to my TpT store.

See you Monday!


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Celebrate Freedom Week

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“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” —George Washington

I am ever thankful that I am an American citizen, even in the heat of political campaigns! I love America. It is awe-inspiring in its beauty and majesty! We should certainly all celebrate freedom this week, and more importantly, express to our students the reasons America is special.

Citizenship Products available on my TpT store:

The Preamble for Kids

National Holidays Cards

Elections Vocabulary Unit

Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner Vocabulary Unit


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For 9/11

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I am sure many of you share the sadness I feel when I think of 9/11/2001. I feel the need for a moment of silence.


Patriotic Bookmarks

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My Favorite Freebie

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Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad is hosting a linky party of favorite freebies. You can find many wonderful choices here:

Here is mine:

This is the favorite freebie that I have created. I especially like it because it was a total brainstorm. I was writing a blog about using context clues to build vocabulary. I was researching some published experts, when “BAM” my brain thought—that’s like diamonds and coal. A sentence, especially a non-fiction sentence, may have words within it to help us better understand its meaning, but if we don’t know how to find those “diamonds,” then the words are just “coal.” The freebie includes a list of strategies to help students be better readers by identifying “diamonds.”

 It also lists suggestions of what to try when you only find “coal.”

I have continued working on this freebie. I have added some extra pages about developing these strategies. I will be reposting at some point, but for now, I think it’s already a complete, kid-friendly support system.



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Saturday Extra

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“Vocabulary knowledge is not something that can ever be fully mastered; it is something that expands and deepens over the course of a lifetime.” —Steven Stahl

Although I have been incredibly busy with the start of a new school year, I have been able to continue to post Monday through Friday as I promised. I wish more of my posts could be of deeper, more meaningful content, but I feel I am touching on vocabulary issues most of the time.

Next week we will be learning about homographs; words that are spelled the same, but have completely different meanings, for example “bat.” It can be a flying mammal, a stick used in baseball, or to swing at something. Homographs have a subcategory called heteronyms; these words are also spelled the same, with completely different meanings, but they also have different pronunciations, for example “dove.” “Dove” when pronounced duv is a bird, but when pronounced with a long “o” it is the past tense of “dive.” The word “bow” is both a homograph (something for your hair and something for shooting arrows) and a heteronym (bending forward in respect). Our language has so many FUN quirks!

My first freebie contains regular homographs. It is an activity my third graders enjoy. Younger students may be able to do this, and older ones would still enjoy it. The second one is of heteronyms. This is a trickier activity. I put the easier ones first. I would not do this activity with my students until the end of the year, and then I’d probably only use the easier words. (Maybe a few kids could be challenged by the harder ones.) Fourth and fifth graders would enjoy this activity.

Fun with Homographs pdfs

For more fun vocabulary ideas visit my TpT store.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll see you on Monday.


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