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Hunting for Scavenger Hunts

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My students love scavenger hunts. We do three or four different ones each week. I use them for independent spelling work, to reinforce and practice skills in language arts, and to introduce and review information for social studies. Friday I had my class and 1/2 of another class all working on a Explore Texas scavenger hunt with barely a whisper in the classroom. I wanted to take pictures but there were so many kids in the room that I worried I wouldn’t be able to take any without faces. It was amazing! They worked for over 20 minutes, the only talking was helping others find their last few cards.

I have posted my 150th scavenger hunt product! I am celebrating for the next three days by reducing all of my scavenger hunts to $1.00. This is a savings of $1.00 – $2.50 depending on the number of cards and other materials in the scavenger hunt. I hope you will stop by and check out these savings!


Please check out these great savings!

Please check out these great savings!

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